Stacey Frederick

Managing Director & Research Scientist

Stacey has been a Research Scientist at the Duke GVC Center since 2010, however she started in 2006 part-time as a student working on the NC in the Global Economy and Nanotechnology projects. Her research involves using global value chain (GVC) analysis to identify economic, social and environmental upgrading opportunities for countries and firms in a variety of industries, including textiles and apparel, electronics/ICT, medical/pharma, automotive, and several other manufacturing and technology-based sectors. She has used the framework to analyze issues ranging from employment generation to trade policy impacts for clients including the World Bank in Asia and Africa as well as a number of country governments (USA, Costa Rica, Philippines, Nicaragua, and Bahrain). One of her primary interests is developing new ways to conduct value chain studies and visual results by marrying qualitative and quantitative approaches to evaluating country and firm participation in GVCs.  She started in this field through her research on the textile industry, and received her B.S. in Textile Management and her Ph.D. in Textile Technology Management from North Carolina State University.

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