Interview on the Snarling of Global Supply Chains

The Asia Expert Forum interviewed Dr. Frederick regarding current issues surrounding global supply chains.

Gereffi Briefs Congress on Supply Chain Resiliency

Gary Gereffi briefed Congress as a witness in the hearing, “Implementing Supply Chain Resiliency” on July 15, 2021. The Department of Commerce (DOC) plays an important role in ensuring the resiliency of the nation’s critical supply chains. These responsibilities stem from directives found in the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act, Biden Executive Order 14017 and its 100-day supply chain review, and potentially from the US Innovation and Competition Act. Details of the hearing, including witness statements and a hearing video, are available at the links below.

GVC lens can inform responses to bolster tourism industry in developing countries

Stacey Frederick and Jack Daly look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry in developing countries and provide insights from global value chain (GVC) analysis as in this op-ed for Trade and Development News managed by the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF).

COVID-19 Precipitated the Age of Copper

COVID-19 Precipitated the Age of Copper: Are Producing Countries Prepared to Supply the World and Capture Greater Value? This blog looks at impacts and opportunities in the copper value chain, particularly for Latin American producers in Peru and Chile.

Why global value chains remain essential for COVID-19 supplies

This VoxEU article shows how the fragmentation of production and the new manufacturing bases in developing countries over the past 20 years have increased the ability of countries to respond to the unexpected sudden spikes in demand experienced during the coronavirus crisis.

‘Upgrade cruise, rum sectors’ in Barbados

A global value chain analysis of the cruise and rum sectors in Barbados uncovered the need for specific upgradings in both sectors to help maintain the global competitiveness of Barbados firms.

How North Carolina’s bathroom law sparked a business backlash

CGGC’s Lukas Brun participated in this PBS Newshour on the impact of HB2 on the furniture market in North Carolina.

Industry And Academia Meet At MfgCon2015 In Raleigh, NC

New reports show how hot North Carolina’s solar-power industry has gotten

Can global value chain PPPs reach the poor? Latest lessons learned